Wedding Quilt Completed

Much time was spent the last few months completing this quilt for my son and daughter-in-law.   It is a belated wedding gift.   Mike is a mountain climbing, fly fising, outdoors man.   Michelle is very much an outdoors woman.   Her hobby is photographing wildflowers.   They both love Colorado.  So in the quilt I included a little bit of everything for each of them.   The pattern is a McKenna Ryan pattern (At Home in the Woods), but I took liberties and changed a couple of the blocks and made other modifications to suit me.   In the lower center of the quilt I used photo images on fabric and included Mike and Michelle hiking, giving Michelle a sunflower in her hand, then added Mike’s precious dog, Birdy, and Mike with his Land Rover.

Three years ago at their wedding, I asked all of the guests to write a short note on 10 inch square batik pieces of fabric. I saved them and configured them into sixteen squares, bordered with another printed batik and used it for the back of the quilt. I didn’t get a really good picture of the back, but if you look closely you can see there is writing on it. Mike and Michelle were thrilled.

Actually used a teeny tiny real fishing fly for the large mountain/fly fisherman block.

There are mountains, fly fishing, streams with fish, deer, elk, moose, mountain flowers and an Aspen tree….all the things that Mike and Michelle love about Colorado.

Free motion quilted (top stitched) every single tiny little piece on this quilt. It took hours and hours and hours. But Mike and Michelle really love it. They have already hung it in their office at home and intend to decorate the room around the quilt. I guess it was worth all the agonizing and loving hours that went into it.

Til next time…hopefully not two months…..Amities, Averyclaire


Back Again

I was away a lot this summer.   Shortly after I wrote my last post in June,  we made an emergency trip to Florida to see my sister who was in intensive care.   She is doing better now, but it will be a long recuperation and it is one of those scary touch and go things. Please keep her in your prayers.
You can see that the Gulf crews have been really working hard to keep the BP oil off the beaches. They are really white and pristine. However, the water is quite murky and leaves an invisible residue on your skin. Hopefully it won’t take eons to return to normal.

When we returned, it was back to work, catching up, and working frantically to finish “THE” quilt.

Then we were away again to the Black Hills of South Dakota, and then on to Colorado to spend time with my son.   My DD, her DH, and her DS and DD came along as well.   It was a bit of a family gathering.   Only missing was my son and his family back home here in Chicago.

Tomorrow I will post photos of the quilt I made and delivered to my son in Colorado.    Thanks to all of you who made inquiries as to my disappearance.    I had no access to internet service while away. It’s good to be back. Can’t wait to have some time to surf all of your blogs as well…..I know I have missed a LOT.

Amities, Averyclaire