It’s Just One of Those Things

Sorry for not posting for three weeks, but it’s just one of those things.   My life has been consumed with work problems and solutions.   Today I begin training the new person who will take my place.   I have only two weeks left to teach that person everything.   It’s been very stressful and busy at work and at home.  I am definitely looking forward to working only two days per week.    I actually worked only two days per week for years, until I let them talk me into helping out full-time “temporarily” which turned into full-time for two years!   

My DH had a bad report on his cancer, so I worried and worried and worried.   It turned out to be a “false positive”….so we are in the clear again for now.   I feel as though I worried twenty years off my life, but perhaps I can gain it back again.   SMILE.   Life sure has it’s ups and downs.   Thank you to all of you who sent emails….I love reading your uplifting notes.

The weather has turned nicer now, and I will be able to work off some of that stress and frustration in my garden.   It’s soothing for the soul.

I managed to escape from the merry-go-round and spent a “little” time with my friends, just because they are such super people to be with.   And I needed their company so very much.   We went out for dinner and then saw the play Funny Girl…it was a delicious dinner and a delightful play.   Thank you Pat and Joan…I don’t know what I would do without you.   And thank you Maggy for being at the other end of my email 4,000 miles away.  My hands have not been idle…still working on unfinished needlework projects.   And I did join the Homewood Embroiderer’s Guild this month.   The group is lovely and inspiring.

I’ll post some new photos soon.     Thanks for stopping in for a visit.

For now….amities, Averyclaire



girl-prayingmore_pictures_1044I confess to spending a good part (actually MOST) of my weekend being depressed over the overwhelming busy-ness of my job.  What was 2 half days per week for ten years, went quickly into three full days and now five full days.   And actually I take a LOT of work home with me especially on the weekends.   I retired fully ten years ago, was called back to work “just a little” and wonder how I got to be where I am today.   I agreed to a special project last Fall…which is now finished, but five other projects have taken its place.!!   I thought with the economy I’d just ride it out….but this weekend I began to wonder.

Today I had a LONG talk with my “boss” and while I still have a LOT of work, we came to a “somewhat” agreement.   I will see how much the other party holds up their part of the agreement.   It feels pretty good to say a lot and get things off my mind and heart and into words through our “talk.”    I feel pretty good about it.  But I wonder how long it will last.   Time will tell.

Just when I think I am completely fed up….they talk me out of quitting.    I am not sure if I am a glutton for punishment or if I actually like my job and don’t want to leave it.    Perhaps it is a bit of both.   I have come to LOVE tutoring my young man twice a week and enjoy it fully, so I will not give that up. But somehow there is a balance out there somewhere. Work is far too consuming, and while I enjoy the work, I must find what works for me and the office both. They allow me a pretty wide latitude as long as my work is completed.

Anyhow, I have nothing new to show, nothing new to share in my needlearts work….simply because there is NOTHING right now.    I considered closing my blog for a while…but I LOVE the blogging world and all of you…my friends.   So…..I will just be sad for only today and move on.    Maybe a few stitches on SOMETHING will help.             Amities, Averyclaire