Still Grateful

Yikes, three weeks have passed since my last post. Where did the time go? I have been busy planning healthy meals with no fat, no sugar, no red meat….etc. I have been walking daily after work….am up to four miles now and have been feeling pretty good. My dear husband has been wonderful in supporting me through this. But I must share with you another shock we have had in our life. Two weeks after my diagnosis, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. While we lived in a fog for a few days, we are very hopeful. He will have surgery in a couple of weeks and hopefully the news will be very affirming. I have learned to look at life very differently. While I still work, I no longer stress about my job. After work, my DH and I spend a lot of time togther talking, shopping for healthy fruits and veggies, and walking. We thoroughly enjoy every moment we share. Unfortunately the needlework and quilting have been set aside for other priorities. So if I don’t post too often, please know all is well. I continue to read all of your posts. I continue to let the Lord hold us up and bask in the warmth of His presence no matter what trials we face. We are grateful.

Last weekend William and I spent the day at the Chicago Botannical Gardens, so I share with you some of the lovely sights from this marvelous place. Enjoy.


Flora and Fauna

This blog is supposed to be about needlearts of all kinds, but I am also an avid gardener. The garden is truly an inspiration for my needlearts. I have spent years collecting, planting, moving, removing, weeding, etc. And I love it. I do stroll in the garden every morning and evening, just to see what is the rain has brought to fruition for today. It has been a delightful diversion for me and very good for the soul. I hope you enjoy my photos. They are not the quality of Thomas at Walk the Wilderness nor Philip at PA Photography, nor so many others of you out there who do so much better with photography than me, but with my little point and shoot digital, it’s OK.

2009 May Flowers

My Weeping Japanese Maple is the pride of my garden…it’s nearly twenty years old.   I love my pink Japanese peony too.  There are Johnson’s Blue perennial geramiums, purple petunias, blue columbine, bright orange poppies, a “teenage” robin (who was just a baby a few days ago), and the ever annoying baby bunny rabbit who loves to feast on my greenery!

And as each week and day goes by, the garden is ever changing.   Today it is blue and orange and pink and red, and later other lovely colors will emerge.   Each bit just as exciting as the one before.

Like life…ever changing.   Forgive my lack of needlearts for today and enjoy my garden with me.    Averyclaire.

At the Feet of Angels

The garden is so lovely at this time of year. I am throughly enjoying a stroll around the garden each morning and evening taking photos as I go. Here are some to share.

Purple ajuga, yellow sedum, and Caramel Heuchera at the feet of my angel
Purple Ajuga

I have a Red Trillium. I planted it LONG ago and thought it was lost. Did you know that when you plant a trillium it takes three or four years to grow? In order for them to spread, ants and mice must take the seeds from the Trillium to their nests and “replant” the seeds. Then in three or four more years you will get more. I haven’t seen any mice lately, but I am praying for ants. SMILETrillium Red Trillium

More later…I am off to work now. Amities, Averyclaire