Happy Holiday Finishes

I am honored to help so many of you with your stitching finishes. My small business has grown considerably and I humbly thank all of you who trust me with your precious work.

C.J. lovingly stitched Six Little Cardinals and some pretty red fabric with golden stars was added:

CarolJ-6 tiny cardinals1

CarolJ-6 tiny cardinals2

V.DiN. beautifully rendered this special pillow, hung with wide silk ribbon and surrounded by twisted chenille trim, as a lovely gift:




A.G stitched this lovely Santa with pastel reds and greens for a soft side to the traditional colors:



The TinSmiths Wife stitched this peaceful Dove on a gorgeous unusual red fabric, adding the lovely turquoise beads and knots around the neck and requested a cupboard hanger.  I added some more knots to the trim:




Then using the same beautiful red fabric The Tinsmiths Wife stitched a Star Was Born cupboard hanger:



And last but not least the colors were changed from light to dark and this beautiful Pomegranate Sewing Tray from Stacy Nash Primitives was born:




I hope to soon show a few more finishes before the Christmas week is upon us. Thank you again for your faith in me and allowing me to be creative with your pieces!

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas season!   Amities, Averyclaire


Gold Card Award


I received a Gold Card BFFF Award this past week.   Thank you Anne.  However, I find it difficult give others the task of passing along these things, so I have deceided to step outside of the rules.  My gift to others will be to ask each person who reads my blog to click the sites on my favorites list and enjoy them as much as I do. These are just a tiny smigden of the wonderful things out there.  The blogging world is so big.  I love being an armchair traveler.  There is something out there for everyone.  Not just needlework or quilting…there is drop dead gorgeous photography on my list.  So please visit the sites I have linked and enjoy yourself.  Should you find one you really like and find some inspiration…please leave comments.  We all love comments on our work.  If any of you would like to claim the Gold Card Award for yourself…please do so.  Just copy the card from my site and find the rules on Anne’s site.  You all deserve it.   Thank you again, Anne, for the honour.

Wildflower Harvest Quilt Show

This morning my friend Pat and I were able to attend the  Wildflower Harvest Quilt Show which we learned about from Marjorie’s blog. There is still time…the show will be open on Sunday from 10 until 4 in Valparaiso, Indiana. It was a lovely quilt show. Lots of artistic quilts and many exciting vendors were there. One of my favorite booths was Pat Winters Gatherings. I read her blog every day and have a link on my blog to hers. I bought the most luscious hand-dyed ribbons from her and also a packet of beads to make a dragonfly.  She generously included for me a spider thread and bead kit and a silk for my crazy quilting.  Her booth was beautiful…so colorful with her crazy quilted purses and all of her hand-dyed ribbons.  How inspiring and such fun to look at!!  And there were plenty of people to share my enthusiasm.  So if you have time and live nearby…please stop by to see her.  She is as lovely in person as she is in writing her blog.

Here is a crazy quilt block that I began a while ago and have not completed…ahhhhh, another Work In Progress (WIP).

But I think I’ll save my new acquisitions for a brand new block.

Also want to mention that this weekend is the Sewing Exposition at Pheasant Run in St. Charles, IL.  It has a lot of wonderful vendors as well.


Because the weather was so divine, today I spent the day roaming around Michigan’s eastern lakefront…Saugatuck, Douglas, South Haven, St. Joseph, and others along the way. My husband and I enjoy taking short road trips to places we haven’t been. This is a good thing, especially with gasoline prices so high. While I have been to Lake Michigan many times, we haven’t visited the quaint little shops in all the lovely little towns. It was great fun with lots to see. Alas, I did not find any needlearts shops. However, I will remember the blue water of Lake Michigan shimmering in the sun and the amazing vastness of the lake. I will have to be content with the colors of this photo of all the boats in the harbor. The greens, the whites, the blues, the grays, and everything in between is inspiration enough.