Gold Card Award


I received a Gold Card BFFF Award this past week.   Thank you Anne.  However, I find it difficult give others the task of passing along these things, so I have deceided to step outside of the rules.  My gift to others will be to ask each person who reads my blog to click the sites on my favorites list and enjoy them as much as I do. These are just a tiny smigden of the wonderful things out there.  The blogging world is so big.  I love being an armchair traveler.  There is something out there for everyone.  Not just needlework or quilting…there is drop dead gorgeous photography on my list.  So please visit the sites I have linked and enjoy yourself.  Should you find one you really like and find some inspiration…please leave comments.  We all love comments on our work.  If any of you would like to claim the Gold Card Award for yourself…please do so.  Just copy the card from my site and find the rules on Anne’s site.  You all deserve it.   Thank you again, Anne, for the honour.