The Waning Days of Summer

The last days of summer are here. I took this photo in the garden this past weekend.  Most of my flowers are already spent.  Knowing I need to spend more time at cleaning up in my garden, I patiently await that one necessary burst of energy.  It will come and it will be done eventually.  The days are still hot and the nights are cool.  The skies are blue. The temperatures will be dropping soon.  Perhaps we will have a good “Indian Summer.”  Perfect weather for one more RV outing.   I spent the last few days packing up everything and getting ready to go with the whole family.  The grandchildren are so excited they can’t wait.  I won’t get much sewing done this extended weekend, but the time with my family will be precious.

Works in progress for this weekend are some small hand projects.  A couple of Christmas stockings for the family in Colorado, some wool stitcheries, and perhaps an embroidery.   Small things I can carry with me.  I love to work with wool and wool felt.   I hope to do more of this.  Perhaps I’ll have something to show when we return next week.   For those of you who are on the verge of Autumn weather…enjoy!