Tutorial–Silk Covered Snap

Using a number 1 snap, cut two circles (about 1″) of China Silk (Habotai Silk) leaving an extra 1/4″ around the snap.

Snip a tiny hole in the center of silk fabric and poke the male part of the snap into the hole.

Using a small needle and white thread sew a running stitch around male part of snap.

Make a single knot in thread, gather up around snap and knot thread again.


DO NOT cut off tails of thread.  Use this thread to sew the snap onto your item.  Back of snap will look like this.  If you have left too much fabric a tiny amount can be trimmed off being careful not to cut gathered thread.


Do the same running stitch around female part of snap and gather and knot thread.


From the underside using a scissor, poke a small hole in the female part of the snap.


Now you can put the two pieces together.


They are ready to be stitched onto your item.  Voila a silk covered snap!


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