Whole Cloth Quilt In Progress

On my quilt frame now is a whole cloth quilt that I began more than ten years ago. I had a tiny pattern and enlarged it to a lap size quilt. The pattern is lovely and I love hand-quilting, but back then, I quickly tired of it and put it away for years. After finishing my applique quilt I was inspired to work on this one again. I put the quilt frame in the living room and work on it each evening as I sit “listening” to the TV. (I love Hallmark movies.) It was only about 1/3 done before….and I already have at least 2/3 done now. At this rate it will soon be considered another winter project finished!!

Yellow Whole Cloth 1

Does anyone out there know what causes the puckering during hand quilting? or if there is a way to prevent this?    It is not everywhere in the quilt…only in certain places.   It won’t matter after I am finished and soak the quilt, as I imagine it will all be “puckery.” 

Have fun stitching whatever it is you are working on!     Amities, Averyclaire


Hand Appliqued and Hand Quilted

Here is my hand-appliqued quilt top. It is an Editar Sitar pattern (Sweet Sixteen – there are 16 blocks – 76 x 76) done in colors of my choosing (love that stash). It took me about a year to do the 16 appliqued blocks and then it was about 3 months to be hand-quilted. My two hand-quilting friends, Carol and Jessica,  came faithfully each Friday to help me finish the quilt top.  Lots of lovely days spent together over the quilt frame and lunch. We worked from 9:30 to 3:30 every Friday. I couldn’t be happier with it and it is now one of my favorite quilts.

Sweet Sixteen HQ1

Sweet Sixteen HQ2

Sweet Sixteen HQ3

Some years ago I won some blocks from my guild. “Bento Box” they were called. I won 16 blocks–not enough for a quilt. So a friend donated to me a small bag of oriental scraps and I made 32 more blocks for a total of 48 and made a twin size quilt using wide indigo sashing. Then I spent a very, very long time hand quilting it with a clam shell design. It now hangs over the back of my sofa. It feels SO GOOD to have this one finished.   Love the light blue sashiko quilting…looks lovely on the indigo.

big stitch quilting sashiko 1

Bento Box HQ1

Bento Box HQ3

I have two more quilts I am actively working on now.   I will show those in the next post or two.   Oh, and another one coming back from the long-arm quilter soon.   Can’t wait to see it finished!

Hope all of you out there are having fun working on using up stash, finishing UFOs, and diligently working on your WIPs.   My family tells me that people could do their quilt shopping here.   I don’t think so, because I couldn’t part with my fabrics or patterns or books.    But perhaps I do have enough stuff that I could quilt and do needlework for at least another 20 years and not have to buy anything!   Of course that’s ridiculous….because I never seem to have just the right pattern, or just the right fabric and have to go shopping myself!

Amities, Averyclaire

Nana’s Garden, Kitchen, and Les Muguets Day

After completing a couple of needlework projects, I turned to my quilting again.   I made this twin-size Pinwheel quilt top some time ago (perhaps a year or two) and finally layered it and machine quilted it.   It was a free pattern that came in the mail from McCall’s Quilting entitled Summer At Mom’s…I call it Nana’s Garden. I used up a LOT of my floral scraps in the blocks and a LOT more on the scrappy back.  There were many hours spent quilting special “fleur de lis” designs in each block and lots of vines, leaves, and flowers in the border.   But once it was washed the specialty quilting is now barely visible.   But I adore the crinkled look of this quilt.   So for all of you who think you don’t machine quilt very well….just do it and wash it right away…Voila! an antique looking quilt!

Pinwheel 1

If you look hard you can see the vines, leaves and flowers quilted in the border above and the fleur-de-lis quilting in the block below.

Pinwheel 2


Don’t you just love that crinkled look of the quilt after washing…..and even better yet….with the scrappy back you get two quilts in one!

Pinwheel 4

As I mentioned on my last post, here is a photo of the Les Muguets Day gift I made for my friend Maggy.   And I have one just like it.   It makes my kitchen look all “Spring-like” and sunny!

Spring table runner

And Maggy sent to me this lovely “sac a boutons” which she handmade for me.   I love it!   Thank you Maggy!

Button Bag

Well, two more projects completed in the winter months. One unfinished quilt now complete, and a new project for fun.

Come back again in a day or two to see my completed hand appliqued, hand quilted finish!

Amities, Averyclaire

Spring is finally here!

Yes, it’s been 6 months since I last posted.   The warmth of the sun is pouring in my windows, teasing us for a couple of days with 80 degree temperatures.   Now it is raining again, but everything is very green and the trees leafed out with the balmy days.   I LOVE the warm weather.   It feels so good.

My winter was spent in completing unfinished projects.   I was inspired by something I read last Fall about making a list of one’s unfinished projects and working a little on them each day.   So I did.   I am notorious for beginning things and not finishing them.  But I want to be able to empty my drawers and closets of all of my UFOs or should I say WIPs. Here is just one.

This is Berry Patch Rabbit by Cedar Hill done on 32 ct. Lambs Wool linen. I think I worked on him on and off for a couple of years. I love this little rabbit and he hangs proudly in my living room.

Berry Patch Rabbit

Then I did a cross-stitch for my daughter who loves “Life” quotes.  This was not a UFO, but a work of love for Kathleen for Valentine Day.   It is “Life” cross-stitch by Lizzy Kate done on 32 ct. natural linen.  The linen is NOT checkered.  For some reason the shadows of the linen weave shows up as checkers.  She loves it and it hangs in her foyer.


And because I was SO READY for spring, I made a new spring table runner for my island in the kitchen and made 8 coordinating napkins. I also made a second set for my dear friend Maggy. I sent it to her as a “Les Muguets” gift. On the first of May every year, we make something for May 1st. “Les Muguets” Day (Lily of the Valley Day) is a day of friendship and one is supposed to give their friend a small bouquet of lilies of the valley…or so the story goes. I received a lovely hand made bag from Maggy. Sorry, no photos, today, but next post.

I have LOTS more completed UFOS to show, so come back soon and check again.  The posts are ready, just waiting for me to take some photos. I have accomplished much in just a few cold winter months.

So, friends, while I have been silent for a long time…I have been very busy.   Oft times I was lurking in the shadows of your blogs and admiring your work.   I really enjoy everyone’s blogs and love seeing all of their work, so I am going to try to be better at posting again.

Amities….. Averyclaire