An Unpopular Item

Friends…it appears that my last post (in spite of the lovely rose and the promise of a handmade gift by me) is an unpopular item. I have had LOTS of lookers, but no takers. Evidently all visitors do not wish to take up the challenge of committing to making something for two people in the next 365 days. It is a big commitment…I understand. Or perhaps they would not like to receive my Gift??? Could it be? So as not to delay, I take license to change the end date and announce that I choose the two who did wish to participate as winners of my Pay It Forward award. Thank you Karol (who does beautiful cross-stitch) and Anne (who is a multimedia artist specializing in ATCs and others) for being so willing to take this on. I promise that you will receive from me, within 365 days, an item handmade by me. Congratulations on being brave and accepting the challenge…to receive my gift and pass it forward. Four other people in the world will now have a gift coming to them through your generosity. Thank you for passing it on. Now off to my teeny tiny little Needlework and Quilts Shop to plan a surprise for each of you. Have a beautiful day.

Needlework and Quilts Shop


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  1. karol
    Dec 03, 2008 @ 06:19:07

    Thank you for choosing me! I look forward to being the receipent of one your beautiful pieces. I will email you with my address and pay it forward on my blog in the next few days.


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