A Couple of Favorites

snowmanI know that Christmas is done and so is the new year holiday…but before I put away the Christmas decorations this week, I wanted to share with you a couple of my favorites this year.

I LOVE this snowman. It came from the White Barn Candle Company and contains an evergreen candle. I haven’t burned the candle inside, but I adore the snowman. He is so shiny and reflective and jolly. It was a great addition to my Christmas decorations this year. But alas, it is past now and I must think about taking down all the decorations that took so long to put up. It will look so plain! I love my tree and all the decorations. Probably because I didn’t have any at all last year!

strausborg ornieAnother of my favorite ornaments is one my friend, Maggy (who lives in France), sent me last year…a wooden ornament from Strausborg. She sent me a couple of them. Her daughter lives there and she got them when they visited during the Christmas market time. The ornaments are so delicate and lovely and looked beautiful on my tree.

Another really fun thing I did this weekend was to be able to speak with Maggy. She lives in France and for me to call her costs me $1.00 per minute…so I just never do. But now I have a computer program (downloaded for free) called Skype. Probably ALL of you out there know all about it, but it is an amazing new-found, fun-filled tool for me. Maggy doesn’t have Skype, but I could talk to her from my computer to her phone for half an hour for only 82 cents. And my son, who lives in Colorado I could speak with for free. I not only could speak to him, but we share live video calls as well. It is so amazing to me to be able to see my son living 1000 miles away like we were having a cup of tea at the table. And for Maggy….well, there are no words…I was just plain thrilled!! It doesn’t take much to make me happy!!

violets 2Here is another update of the latest needlework I began over the holidays. [For some reason the beautiful rose colored fabric never looks quite nice in the photos.] Not much progress…but a little each day. I am having trouble doing such close work. I guess I need new glasses, or some kind of magnifying thing. I have one, but it seems cumbersome to use. I will have to look for a new one. Anyhow, I am enjoying the cross-stich and I know my SIL will love it.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Miss 376
    Jan 04, 2009 @ 04:26:13

    You’ve made good progress. It’s all the effort that goes into a project like this that makes it so special


  2. jenclair
    Jan 04, 2009 @ 11:05:42

    I just read a post about leaving up some decorations that say “winter” more than Christmas. The examples were all white, from snow men to wreathes. Your decorations would be perfect.

    The cross-stitch is looking lovely!


  3. virtualquilter
    Jan 04, 2009 @ 22:17:53

    I am about to start the job of packing Christmas away, but I have to leave some of my decorations out, so I can deliver them soon after our holidays for an exhibition over Easter, and for Christmas in July! Add to this that fact that I always forget a few anyway, and there is always a bit of Christmas around my place!
    Have a happy year!
    Judy B


  4. anne prunet
    Jan 06, 2009 @ 09:59:26

    Oh, I missed this post!
    You would happily know that I also have a webcam and a msn address that made me able to see-and-speek to somebody in North Carolina who was connected with skype. Then somehow a connection skype versus msn should work…I would be delighted to do so. Especially in these terrible moments you are through.
    If it is possible, I give you my msn address by email.


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