Time for Reflection

My Gazing BallMy husband is having a second surgery for his bladder cancer in a few weeks. Things are not the best they can be…but they are definitely not the worst either. Life somehow seems to have been put on hold and this cancer thing has consumed our lives. We are trying desparately to assimilate all the facts and options without becoming crazy with worry. It is difficult to say the least. I am still filled with hope for a good outcome in the end, but it is a long road we are facing. I ask all of you for as many prayers as possible.

Thank you to all of you who send comments and emails as they are much appreciated. This blogging world is absolutely amazing…what a comfort to find so many friends around the world.

In the meantime I find comfort in a crazed cleaning out of my sewing/art room. A purging, if you will, of all things unnecessary. Obviously a mental state that matches the excision of anything extraneous in my life as well. I am quite sure this is a perfect remedy for a soothing of the soul. Curling up with a good, light reading, book is also therapeutic. We continue our long four mile walks, we are eating as healthy as we can…also good for the mental and physical health. I am learning more patience…a blessing I am sure. And gratitude for small things has become overwhelming.

So once again…thank you to all my special friends out there. Gratefully yours, Averyclaire

Still Grateful

Yikes, three weeks have passed since my last post. Where did the time go? I have been busy planning healthy meals with no fat, no sugar, no red meat….etc. I have been walking daily after work….am up to four miles now and have been feeling pretty good. My dear husband has been wonderful in supporting me through this. But I must share with you another shock we have had in our life. Two weeks after my diagnosis, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. While we lived in a fog for a few days, we are very hopeful. He will have surgery in a couple of weeks and hopefully the news will be very affirming. I have learned to look at life very differently. While I still work, I no longer stress about my job. After work, my DH and I spend a lot of time togther talking, shopping for healthy fruits and veggies, and walking. We thoroughly enjoy every moment we share. Unfortunately the needlework and quilting have been set aside for other priorities. So if I don’t post too often, please know all is well. I continue to read all of your posts. I continue to let the Lord hold us up and bask in the warmth of His presence no matter what trials we face. We are grateful.

Last weekend William and I spent the day at the Chicago Botannical Gardens, so I share with you some of the lovely sights from this marvelous place. Enjoy.