A Very Special Christmas Gift

I received the most exciting gift this Christmas.  My son handed me a very small green gift bag when all the family was gathered together on Christmas Eve.  It contained a photo. The tiny photo was an ultrasound of my new grandchild to be born in mid-July.  I was thrilled, quite overwhelmed, and cried a lot of tears of happiness, right along with everyone else.  Mike and Michelle live in Boulder, Colorado and I already have at least two trips planned this year since receiving this amazing news.  It’s a long way from Chicago, but since I’m now “retired” we will be able to travel without encumbrances.  It will be a truly blessed year. We are ALL SO EXCITED about this new life.   He/she is SO welcome to our family.

Now it’s time for a trip to the specialty shops and find some wonderful, unique, special, amazing, tiny, perfect gifts to put in the mail for this baby.  Mike and Michelle are beaming and I am going to have some really fun months ahead of me.

ALL of the Grandchildren!!

Thanks for always coming back to be a part of my world.     Amities, Averyclaire