It’s My Birthday…Yesterday!

When one gets to be an “older” woman….one prefers to pretend one’s birthday is just another day. However, secretly I am deeply grateful to my friends and family who went out of their way to make this a very special day.

I received some lovely emails today from some dear friends all the way from France and Belgium, a lovely note from my son and his wife, some from my nieces, many from needlework and quilting friends, other long-time friends, and sisters, Barb & Bonnie, Barb even sent me a some special internet gifts. And there were lots of special phone calls too and a video message from my new 4 month old granddaughter, Maya. I am SO humbled and grateful. Thank you to each of you.

I share with you some photos of other gifts I received in addition to the beautiful Eiffel Tower scissors and books I showed you last post. The other gifts must remain anonymous! Shhhhhh…I’ll never tell….Smile.

My SIL Judy, and friend, Kay, sent me this lovely teacup bouquet to brighten my day. Thanks again, Judy and Kay.

And what a surprise when Southpaw Stitcher made this lovely pincushion for me. It really says a LOT! Thank you so much Pat…yes, friendship DOES grow.

And My friend Jodi equally surprised me when she presented me with this lovely pincushion (filled with sand) handmade by a friend of hers. This one came all the way to me from Washington state. And isn’t this a beautiful card. Thank you Jodi…how kind and thoughtful to think of me while you were away!

I still do some computer work at home for the Augustinian priests and brothers and my boss, Fr. Mike, thoughtfully, sent me this plant with lovely lavender flowers along with a promise of prayers and Mass celebrated in my honor. Thanks so much…I miss all of you.

So you see…..amidst all the “to do” that one really doesn’t want to remember that one is ANOTHER year older… is really nice to be remembered. I SO appreciate all of the good wishes and prayers and gifts.

And I plan to keep on celebrating my birthday all month long. After all it comes only once a year….so celebrating for one full month is certainly in order!

Gratefully, Averyclaire


I Was Tagged

Paddy’s Daughter tagged me over a week ago and I am now just getting around to answering it. I am to tell everyone 7 unusual things about myself that most people don’t know. Well…this is really hard. My life is like an open book. Even thinking about it for a week and a half doesn’t help! But here goes anyway

1) When I was younger…my dream was to be a research biologist.

2) I love turtles…they are the voice of God.

3) I am four of five and a Star Trek fan.

4) I am terrified of spiders…any kind…they make my heart jump right out of my chest!

5) I am a weather watcher. Love it.

6) Most women like to shop…I don’t.

7) There is nothing I love more than total silence. It fills my soul.

This was very hard for me…so I am not going to tag anyone else. I did this just for you Sue. Hope you have learned a little bit about me.

Just for fun here is # 8 about me. My niece, Lesly, just a few hours ago gave birth to a beautiful little boy, Ryan Patrick…8 lbs. 8 oz….22 inches long. He has a lot of hair. It is her first baby and we are thrilled…but even better yet….today is my 60th birthday!!! So I will never forget little Ryan’s birthday.

My children gave me a big party yesterday to celebrate. It was such fun. Besides the brithday party, my daughter decided to turn it into a lovely wine tasting party. Great wine! Another day with lots of family and friends to make life wonderful.