It is SO EXCITING to get a package in the mail..!!! I received a belated birthday gift the other day. My friend, Maggy, who lives in France, 4,000 miles from me, has been the most delightful friend. Our lives are so parallel and we are truly soul sisters. She sent me the most beautiful set of handkerchiefs. They are the loveliest I have ever seen.

60 card

She also sent me this delightful birthday card for “60 years” and one of my favorite French magazines Modes et Travaux and a fun book of gifts of make in one hour….now how fun is that?!!

one hour book

Modes et Trav




Many years ago Maggy answered a quilt site forum request I made and we became pen friends immediately. We are able to meet in person when I went to France several years ago for a brief seven day visit to Paris. We have become best friends over the years and I treasure Maggy and her friendship. I have posted before on this topic but I want to say again…the friends I have made over the internet, especially the women I have met from France, are the most wonderful delightful people. Each day I find new blogs and new people on the internet and it has made the world such a small place. Thank you to all of you.

But a SPECIAL thank you to my friend, my soul sister, MAGGY!!!