Fabulous Flannel

It’s been a busy week, working mostly. But I attended the funeral of a good friend who passed away from melanoma. She was only 58. I wrote a reflection on her illness and impending death on August 17th. And I have been reflecting on her life and passing often lately. Of course this leads to reflection on one’s own life as well.

But I have to get back into the groove and take care of projects. Here is a stack of fabulous flannel which will be turned into cute little blankets with stuffed bears and bunnies. I have been making these and selling them for years.  I’ll post a photo when I am finished. My quilt group has a holiday boutique every year in November and a portion of the profit from the things we sell goes to our quilt group.  It allows us to have wonderful guest speakers each month and to purchase fabrics for charity quilts, cancer hats and wheelchair and walker bags.  So I have LOTS of work to do before the November boutique.  Guess the wedding quilt will be put on hold one more time.

Off to work for the day…I hope I still have energy tonight to start this flannel project!


Grandchildren’s Quilts

This past weekend two of my grandchildren came to stay with me, Noah is nearly 11 and Sophia is 6. I love to see them because soon they will grow too old for their “Nana.”  Although, the children gave me a small handmade item last year to prove that will NEVER happen.

When Sophia was a baby I designed this cheerful and bright quilt for her.   The white background is free-motion quilted in pink thread with lots of daisy-like flowers.  It still hangs on her bedroom wall. 

When Noah was just a “little guy” I made this Noah’s Ark quilt for him. It was one of the very first quilts I ever made. The animals and Noah are all done with piecing. I thought I’d never finish it. Some of the animals have corded tails that hang down and the giraffe has a 3D mane.  His quilt is safely tucked away in the closet.  I understand.  While it served its purpose many years ago, I think Noah needs a quilt for an “older guy” now.

And last, but never least, is this twin size quilt I made for Haley who is now 8 years old.  It was my first large size quilt and first appliqued quilt.  The hearts are free-motion quilted with feathers in a heart motif and the background is stippled.   While the colors look muted in this old photo, it is bright and cheerful as well.  The border is a lovely floral with gold etchings.   Her quilt has been washed often and loved much.   I would like to see her have a new quilt as well.

But, alas, my last little grandson, Max, who is nearly five has never had a quilt made for him.  I need to put this on my high priority list.  

However, I suppose I should finish that wedding quilt that I have been working on first.   Perhaps I should quit that full-time job I have and really retire.  I have enough fabric in my stash to quilt at least until I am 102 years old!!  Isn’t that a wonderful thought?   Hmmm.

I will have to think about that.  Last night I had dinner with a friend who also works full-time and she really inspires me with all the artwork she accomplishes.   She is amazing; I don’t know how she does it.  We had so much fun.  Maybe with the economy, I’ll just work a little longer and try to fit more in to my days, like Marjorie. 

“A Magical Year”

Blocks 1, 2 and 3

Today is my younger son’s first wedding anniversary.  Mike and Michelle live in Colorado and were married in a meadow near a lovely lodge in the mountains one year ago today.   I called them tonight to say “Happy Anniversary.”   Both seemed to be having a fun time with friends.   But I share with you something that my daughter-in-law said to me tonight … “We have just spent the most magical year of our lives.”   Now you must understand that my son was in a nasty auto accident two years ago, needs back surgery soon, and I believe it must have been a very difficult year.  And yet Michelle could still say they had a magical year.   Mike is so lucky, and as parents we are so lucky to have her in the family.

Here are photos of the blocks I have completed so far on their “wedding quilt.”   Yes, I am slow.   It should have been done at least for this anniversary!   Alas, it was not. 

Block 4

Block 5

Block 6

Michelle and Mike

Michelle and Mike

       Happy Anniversary!!


We went to Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a couple of days to help celebrate the birthday of a friend.   It was such a joyful celebration.   The party was a kind of family reunion, where many of the family members had not seen one another for up to 15 years!    

From the sidelines I watched his daughter gently holding her father’s hand and I could see the tenderness and love in their faces as they spoke quietly in the corner.  It was fun to watch the joy on the faces of cousins who were together for the first time in years.  The entire weekend was very uplifting.  Thanks Ray for sharing your birthday with us.


It was also a “quilt fix” for me, as my friend, Judy, is a wonderful quilter.  She had many projects to share…some finished…some works in progress.  She inspires me to say the least.  I always find fun and laughter when we are together.   Sadly our time was limited to just a brief visit, but it makes me long for another visit, hopefully soon.


Today I share with you one of my works in SLOW progress…some of my Hawaiian quilt blocks.  My daughter, who has a wedding anniversary today, bought me a Hawaiian quilting book on her honeymoon in Hawaii several years ago.   So far I have only three blocks done.  I love to do the needle turned appliqué, but I fear it will be a long time before it is complete.  Her anniversary today inspired me to share this with you.


It was six days of fun, family, and relaxation.  We had a couple of days to ourselves; the children and grandchildren arrived; we hiked; we biked; we canoed; we roasted marshmallows; and we just simply spent time with one another.  We even celebrated one granddaughter’s 8th birthday with candles and cake and gifts.  It was marvelous.  It was a gift to me that they all agreed to come for the weekend.  And then we had a couple of additional days to just relax before coming home to what awaits everyone upon returning home. 


My time was spent with family…not much needlework, but I did manage to complete a couple of items, make progress on another, and read a good book.


The wool candle mats are from patterns I purchased sometime ago, but still available.  Working with wool is very soothing, very forgiving, quick to do and something I very much enjoy.   I have been collecting bits of old wool for years, have tried my hand at dyeing a bit, and have purchased some lovely wool pieces.  Most of what I use is felted wool fabric, but when I can’t find or create just the right colors, I use wool felt.  This comes in brightly dyed colors more than one could ever wish for. 


Sometimes my only enemy is time…not enough of it.  Right now I have time dedicated to promised projects and not enough time for desired art projects of my own.   One day.   For now, I spent the last six days of my time with my family…a very precious gift from them to me.  I am grateful.

The Waning Days of Summer

The last days of summer are here. I took this photo in the garden this past weekend.  Most of my flowers are already spent.  Knowing I need to spend more time at cleaning up in my garden, I patiently await that one necessary burst of energy.  It will come and it will be done eventually.  The days are still hot and the nights are cool.  The skies are blue. The temperatures will be dropping soon.  Perhaps we will have a good “Indian Summer.”  Perfect weather for one more RV outing.   I spent the last few days packing up everything and getting ready to go with the whole family.  The grandchildren are so excited they can’t wait.  I won’t get much sewing done this extended weekend, but the time with my family will be precious.

Works in progress for this weekend are some small hand projects.  A couple of Christmas stockings for the family in Colorado, some wool stitcheries, and perhaps an embroidery.   Small things I can carry with me.  I love to work with wool and wool felt.   I hope to do more of this.  Perhaps I’ll have something to show when we return next week.   For those of you who are on the verge of Autumn weather…enjoy!