Crazy Quilt Stitching

Several people have emailed me and asked for clearer and close-up photos of my crazy quilt stitches. Here is my best shot. Hope this helps. This was an experiment in crazy quilting for me. While I love to embroider and stitch, I had never really worked with silk ribbon before…I guess I am learning. Just for fun…my friend, Dolores, had some of us other friends over and taught us “how-to.” Between her lovely patience and reading a few books…voila…the makings for a pretty pillow top.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan
    Oct 16, 2008 @ 21:11:29

    Your silk ribbon looks fine to me. That sunflower is quite good! Very pretty block.


  2. Miss 376
    Oct 17, 2008 @ 03:43:17

    The silk flowers look fantastic, you would never know it was a new technique for you


  3. TeresaL
    Oct 17, 2008 @ 14:09:12

    Lovely embroidery accents!


  4. Paddy's Daughter
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 16:59:22

    Hello Avery, I have just tagged you for a meme – hope that is ok? Details are on my blog. Thanks for continuing to visit and leave comments, they are always appreciated. Sue


  5. colour du jour
    Oct 27, 2008 @ 23:13:06

    Beautiful Claire! I just love the closeups. Thanks much.


  6. anne prunet
    Nov 01, 2008 @ 02:46:25

    Karen, your embroidery is cute. Lovely work!


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