The Magic of the Moment

fairy2-997413-0821No photos still…but I am at my daughter’s home for 12 days  taking caring of my grandson and granddaughter and their enormous dog while they are away for a much needed vacation.   It is a delight to be with them.   I confess to being tired, but I manage a few moments at the computer late at night after the children are in bed.  I prefer to be surfing all of your blogs to writing my own, as I haven’t much to say.   The routine here is typical of a household with small children…getting them up and ready for school, dropping them off and racing to my own office.   Luckily my DH is retired and can be here to look after them when they arrive home from school.   Then it’s dinner, homework, baths and bed, with some laundry thrown in for good measure.   See didn’t I tell you it was typical?  

Of course, being with the children has its treasured moments, such as programs at school (where I get to take a half day off my own work just to see them perform) and delighting at the amazing things that they say and do.   I told them leprechauns sneaked into their lunch boxes and I left them chocolate covered gold coins and green shamrocks.   My little granddaughter truly believed it and told everyone.   Naturally, my grandson is too smart to fall for it.  Magic moments.

And then there are the not so magic moments when Oliver, the HUGE dog, sticks his cold nose into my face at 4 AM wanting to go outside to take care of business.   UGH UGH….

I hope they will remember fond days with Grandma and Grandpa who stayed with them while Mom and Dad were away.   I know I will not forget it.  Perhaps I will take vacation when my daughter returns just to reminisce. SMILE, Averyclaire