It’s Been Too Long

ringaroundrosy998622-175Sorry to all my readers and followers and friends that I have not made a post for so long.   After spending long grueling hours at the office pouring over extremely complicated financial difficulties, I race to tutor an eleven year old fifth grade boy with his homework.    Finally, after social studies, reading and language arts, math problems, science and religion and essays, I drag myself home, exhausted, and crawl into bed.  Only to do the same thing again tomorrow.

I am NOT complaining.   I am assisting a young woman, who works nights.  Her husband works out of town and comes home only on the weekends because that is where he can find work in today’s awful economy.   Her son, the young 5th grader,  has an “attention deficit” disorder and needs special help.   I believe that what I am doing right now is making a big difference in all of their lives and I don’t mind the extra work.   Perhaps sometimes sheer exhaustion is good for my soul.

Thanks, Philip, for prodding me into a much delayed post.

So for now…..til next time……hopefully not so long….and maybe with some photos…….Averyclaire