Fresh from the Garden

Fresh from my garden last weekend are pretty blue crocuses and teeny tiny daffodils. I love them. And I love the warm weather we are due to have this week. It has been a long awful winter and I surely am delighted with Spring.Tiny Daffodils 2009crocus 2009I took the day off last Friday and went to the International Quilt Show with two of my friends. Bought a tool I probably didn’t need and a pattern I think I already had, but the day was fun. On Saturday I went to a church luncheon and was thrilled to see so many people who have moved away, but returned to share the luncheon with us. There were over 100 women there and it was a beautiful day. On Sunday I went to a wedding shower luncheon for the young man who lives across the street from us (he has a lovely bride-to-be). It was especially fun because many neighbors attended and would you believe that it was the first time in 35 years that all of us neighbors had sat down together at the same time for a lovely lunch! Now we plan to make it a regular thing! What fun.

Yes, I put the bad work-a-day feelings behind me and decided to concentrate on living once more. Yes, I still get tired and worn out, but changing my attitude has helped considerably. Hundreds of you out there work full-time and I have no right to complain…especially when so many are out of work completely. Thanks for all of your support!

Come back soon to see my progress on my french sampler…it’s almost completed! Amities, Averyclaire