One Year!

littlegirlhkjhkjhHappy Anniversary to me!   Yesterday was one year since I began my blog.  I cannot believe the time has gone by so quickly.  I was reviewing my posts and have discovered, however, that I am not as faithful a blogger as I would like to be.  In one year I made only 63 posts….sad considering I had 365 opportunities.  But then I am a person of few words and life has sure had its ups and downs for me this year.  Thank you to all of you that I have met through my blog.  I very much appreciate your kind words and friendship to me.  This is probably the best part of blogging.  And one can learn so much from surfing the blogging world.  I have seen so many different types of blogs, so many different interests, so many super people.  I am glad to be a part of this new and sometimes crazy world.

I intended this blog to be about needlearts and I still hope to have it as such.   However, life didn’t allow me to accomplish much sewing, quilting, needlework, knitting, or anything this year.   I pray that this coming year will be different.   I have finally completed one of my pay-it-forward awards and am just a smidge away from completing the second one.   I will photograph them and post them when my awardees have received them.  

My DH will be having his second surgery this week.  There has been a LOT of waiting.  Waiting for test results, waiting for doctor appointments, waiting for surgery, etc.  And this week we begin to wait again.  I should be learning great patience.  I am not so sure that I am.  What I did learn was to not dwell on the negative….only on the positive in life. And we enjoy each day for what it is.

Happy Blogging to all of you out there and thank you for helping me to feel such a special part of this group.     Averyclaire


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  1. Karol
    Aug 09, 2009 @ 21:20:50

    Happy Blog Anniversary. Sending good thoughts for your husbands surgery.


  2. Jane
    Aug 10, 2009 @ 00:08:19

    A very hapy anniversary. All the very best to your husband this week, hope it all goes well


  3. Sandy Gray
    Aug 10, 2009 @ 05:24:41

    Have not visited in a while – busy, busy at the shop. So sorry to read of your husband’s health issues, and yours! Hope everything goes well. Good for you – all that walking and healthy eating. I really need to make time for walking too, I used to be so good at it, never missing an early morning start. Congrats on Blog Anniversary!


  4. Jane
    Aug 10, 2009 @ 09:50:00

    Hi, congratulations on your blogiversary. Mine came and went while I was on vacation, but I realized how much I enjoy blogging.
    I hope the surgeries go well, keep us informed!


  5. Siv Hege
    Aug 10, 2009 @ 10:05:30

    Gongratulations with your anniversary! Hoping for the very best 🙂


  6. paddysdaughter
    Aug 10, 2009 @ 15:51:59

    Happy Anniversary Averyclaire – your post made me check when I began, and it is two years today! How is that for a coincidence? Thanks for being one of my regular readers, and commenting so often – it is very much appreciated, especially when things have been so worrying for you at home. The internet is a wonderful thing for making friends with people all over the world, who you know you are unlikely to meet, but the connections are still there. Thinking of you and hope all goes well. Sue


  7. Lelia
    Aug 11, 2009 @ 22:00:24

    Congrats on your blogging milestone. Will keep you and your husband in our thoughts. Take Care : )


  8. Jo in TAS
    Aug 13, 2009 @ 19:46:57

    Happy Blogoversary!!
    Nobody’s counting how many posts you do, it’s all about sharing your craft and some of those ups and downs so us bloggers can provide support, encouragement and virtual friendship! I hope your DH’s op goes well!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying Hi!


  9. virtualquilter
    Aug 22, 2009 @ 04:53:08

    Happy first birthday!
    I missed the big day as it happened while I was away, but still would like to take this chance to thank you for the friendship around the world.
    Best wishes for the future.
    Judy B


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