I had a birthday in November and wanted to show you a couple of very special gifts I received from my good friend, Maggy, who lives 4,000 miles away from me.    She spent several months living in Morocco with her husband on an extended holiday.  They sent me this beautiful little treasure…lovely, pale lilac, Moroccan slippers.   I was thrilled when they arrived.  Aren’t they the best?   So unusual…at least where I live they are!!!  The leather is so soft and pliable and the color so delicate.   Maggy sent me quite a few other lovely gifts as well…too many to show at this time.  I will never catch up on showing all the beautiful things I have received from my friends.   I love them ALL, Maggy, thank you again.

And as another special surprise she had French designer, Marie Therese St. Aubin, send me one of her patterns that I simply adore….It is called “L’Adieu.”

There is even a lovely note to me signed by Marie Therese herself.   I was delighted beyond anything when I opened the package.    It is so special I couldn’t believe it!

So then of course, I immediately ordered some delicate silk thread for this beautiful pattern.  It will surely take me quite some time to complete as there are never enough hours in the day.  And here I sit playing on my computer, posting, and surfing blogs!!!    I must remember…less computer…more sewing!!!

And last but NEVER least….I received the most wonderful gift from another friend, Nicole.   She also lives 4,000 miles away and is a lovely and talented artist.   Her designs are more and more beautiful each time I see one.   She created for me this lovely notebook cover for Christmas.  Thank you again, Nicole, I love the batiks and your art is exquisite!!

All of us have the most wonderful friends.  We must remember how fortunate we are.  I am grateful.   Thank you to ALL of my good friends out there.  I couldn’t live my life without your friendship and support.    Averyclaire

Pear Tree

Don’t know why I undertook this series of ornaments. I am working on the two year’s too late wedding quilt now as well. But…with the bitter cold winter wind blowing outside….it’s nice to be warm and cozy in the house with my needlework in the evening after working at the office all day.

Here is the second in the series of LHN ornaments for the year 2010. This is January’s ornament….Pear Tree. I made two of them both on 36 ct. linen. One as a traditional ornament to save for my tree next year and one made into a needlebook for my dear friend, Maggy, who just had a birthday.

A jute-type braid was chosen for the trim. Makes it look simple, yet pretty. The backing is a dark green wool. Easy to finish as well.

Here is the needlebook. I like the needlebook idea. This pattern just called for something like this with the mini-sampler theme. I think Maggy liked it as much as I did.

Just love needlebooks…use them all the time.

Just received in the mail LHN February ornament snowman pattern from Anita’s Little Stitches (a very nice shop with a very nice owner). WOW…hope I don’t get behind. Next post I will show you a couple of special gifts I received in the mail recently.     A bientot, Averyclaire

Fa La La

My first small project finished for 2010.

This is the December ornament from the LHN series. The project called for 28 ct. cappucino linen. It seemed too large for an ornament, so I did it on 32 count linen which I hand dyed to look like cappucino. Unfortunately I still feel that it is too large. I should have done it on 40 count linen. I wrote to the LHN company and asked that the future ornaments be a little smaller. I don’t know if they will consider it or not, after all…who am I?! I added a strand of irridescent balger to the white snow parts and to the FaLaLa and then did the fur on the dresses with Whisper White to make it look more like fur. It was fun. I’d really like to make another one on 40 ct. fabric.

I am working on the second ornament of the series…this time done on a smaller count fabric. I will post it soon. Computer time is far and few between these days and am having a hard time getting photographs and posting done.

A bientot, Averyclaire

A Gift for the Girls

Our granddaughters are 9 and 7 and love American Girl Dolls. So for Christmas Grandpa decided to make them the triple bunk beds they saw in the catalogue. Of course grandma had to make the mattresses, sheets, pillows, bedding, etc.
We also made little name tags for each bed that have extra slates to rewrite.

There are even little do-dad holders to hang off the side of each bed.

I think DH really did a marvelous job with his woodworking and the girls were absolutely delighted.

Good job dear…….you’re the best !!! Love, Avery

It’s a New Year?

What happened to the old one?   It seems as though I just told everyone I was going to Colorado to see my son through serious back surgery and that was already a year ago.  Then there was the time consuming ill health of myself and my husband…we are doing fine now….but where oh where did our days go?   We only took our RV out once during the entire year!   I still have not taken down my Christmas tree and decorations!   And then…what did I do with my needlearts this year?  There is no list of “finishes.” 

I have spent the last few days blog surfing and I am SO IMPRESSED by all those people who have accomplished so much in the year 2009.   I can only pray that I might do half of the things that some of these people have done.   It is inspiring and overwhelming to say the least.   I haven’t even tried to compile a list of what I accomplished…I can only think of what I have not done.   Sounds like I need some positive thinking here.   I’d love to recreate my blog…but it all takes time?   I hope my friends don’t give up on my lack of accomplishments or lack of posting.  

I DO have a positive attitude for this year.   We will be healthy…I will be creative and I will have a list of accomplishments for 2010.   How’s that?

Amities, Averyclaire