It’s a New Year?

What happened to the old one?   It seems as though I just told everyone I was going to Colorado to see my son through serious back surgery and that was already a year ago.  Then there was the time consuming ill health of myself and my husband…we are doing fine now….but where oh where did our days go?   We only took our RV out once during the entire year!   I still have not taken down my Christmas tree and decorations!   And then…what did I do with my needlearts this year?  There is no list of “finishes.” 

I have spent the last few days blog surfing and I am SO IMPRESSED by all those people who have accomplished so much in the year 2009.   I can only pray that I might do half of the things that some of these people have done.   It is inspiring and overwhelming to say the least.   I haven’t even tried to compile a list of what I accomplished…I can only think of what I have not done.   Sounds like I need some positive thinking here.   I’d love to recreate my blog…but it all takes time?   I hope my friends don’t give up on my lack of accomplishments or lack of posting.  

I DO have a positive attitude for this year.   We will be healthy…I will be creative and I will have a list of accomplishments for 2010.   How’s that?

Amities, Averyclaire