For Renewing the Heart

Just a bit more snow and a few more stitches.   Here in Chicago we didn’t have as much snow as all of you had on the east coast of the USA, but we did have some good snow.   I love the silent beauty of the new fallen snow in my yard …

or at the office…

and at home I tried to keep my mind focused on lovely things and did a bit of stitching….

and worked on another project hopefully to be finished soon…

and enjoyed some indoor beauty as well…

(Those are my three lovely grown children hiding behind my Amaryllis.)

I think I’ll just set the stitching aside and go to bed early.  Tomorrow I plan some more heart renewal with a trip to an antique fair with some good friends and a lovely lunch as well.

Amities, Averyclaire


A Ray of Sunshine Amidst the Stress

Some days are just worse than others. I have had a lot of bad days lately.  When I mentioned that I cut my job from five days to two…it was like the weight of the world lifted from one’s shoulders…but it did not come without repercussions and stress.   The person I worked for on those “cut” three days is ANGRY.   And, of course, I have been the brunt of the anger.  And for sure they don’t remember that I had agreed to do these three days only “temporarily.”  It’s now two years later.   It is with mixed emotions (mostly relief) that this part of my weekly routine has ended.   When I resigned from this portion of my work, I gave them seven weeks notice and I am tied to it until the end of March, but soon it will be over.   Ahhhhhhh.  I shall miss my BIG paychecks and extra benefits of being a “full-time”  employee, but I’d rather be poor than suffer through another year or two.

In the midst of the sadness came a bright ray of sunshine for my day.  A DVD of Salvatore Adamo appeared in my mailbox…custom created…just for me from a friend.  I will sit this weekend and watch and listen and my heart will be healed.  Thank you so much for this surprise followed by a thousand kind words.

Here is link to hear some your own Adamo.   Amicalement, Averyclaire


Here is just a TINY beginning on my Marie Therese St. Aubin piece entitled “L’Adieu.” While perhaps Guillaume Appollinaire’s life might not have been to my choosing, his poem in this piece speaks of a long love. My DH and I have been married for 43 years (we married when we were two…SMILE) and I still adore him. Marie Therese St. Aubin does lovely work and I hope mine will be as beautiful. Amities, Averyclaire

Happy Valentine’s Day!

In just a few days it will be Valentine’s Day.   I’ve always wanted to do a small stitching and I found one last year when I was in Colorado…of course, I only worked on it this week.   It was done on an Irish Linen 26 count over one thread with DMC and Weeks Dye Works Begonia.  The delicate lacy look attracted me to this  JBW pattern called French Country Love.

And then I completed stitching a couple of more ornaments I was working on….”He’s a Flake”…the third in the LHN series for this year.   The ornaments are completed, but not “finished.”  I guess I’d better get to that this weekend.

And without an additional photo, I did complete another “Peace and Joy” Santa ornament from the Drawn Thread.  (You can see the first one on my side bar.)  I gave this first one away to my very special sister-in-law for Christmas.  I loved it so much I had to make another.

It has been busy at the office.  I gave notice to work only two days per week rather than five days per week as of the end of March.   I hope this will relieve a lot of stress I have been under this past year.   In addition, after the health problems my DH and I had recently, I think it is time to spend a LOT more time together rather than at the office.   Life is just too short…I want to live it to the fullest!

Happy Valentines Day to ALL!    Amities, Averyclaire