What a Surprise!!

I am SO thrilled… just look at the lovely gifts I received in the mail from Anne at Feather Stitching all the way from AUSTRALIA!   She sent me the nicest card with such a pretty water lily on the cover with a beautiful and thoughtful note inside.    

Last January I admired a needlework she had done with special trim around it. I had never seen any such pretty trim like it. I asked her about it and here she has sent me some similar trims. In this first photo the color doesn’t show up quite so well, but in the second photo you can see the pretty colors. She also made me a scissors fob which I absolutely adore. I really love ALL the fobs she creates. Each one is prettier than the next. She also included some exquisite hand-dyed floss and ribbon. The blended colors of the floss and ribbons are breathtaking! I was overwhelmed and touched to receive such a lovely gift for no reason at all from someone I do not even know.  Thank you so much Anne!   This blogging world has brought me many new friends, even though we have never met.   I will never cease to be amazed by this.

Can’t you just see these lovely pastel trims around a pretty little “Spring” stitching. I will have to search for just the right pattern to go with my trims!  Usually it is just the other way around!

I might add that Anne has a special site called RAK … Random Acts of Kindness. I am not a member yet and am not quite sure how it works … but Anne’s gift is a lovely random act of kindess to me.  So please stop by and check it out.  

Have a simply stitching Spring day…..Amities, Averyclaire


It’s Just One of Those Things

Sorry for not posting for three weeks, but it’s just one of those things.   My life has been consumed with work problems and solutions.   Today I begin training the new person who will take my place.   I have only two weeks left to teach that person everything.   It’s been very stressful and busy at work and at home.  I am definitely looking forward to working only two days per week.    I actually worked only two days per week for years, until I let them talk me into helping out full-time “temporarily” which turned into full-time for two years!   

My DH had a bad report on his cancer, so I worried and worried and worried.   It turned out to be a “false positive”….so we are in the clear again for now.   I feel as though I worried twenty years off my life, but perhaps I can gain it back again.   SMILE.   Life sure has it’s ups and downs.   Thank you to all of you who sent emails….I love reading your uplifting notes.

The weather has turned nicer now, and I will be able to work off some of that stress and frustration in my garden.   It’s soothing for the soul.

I managed to escape from the merry-go-round and spent a “little” time with my friends, just because they are such super people to be with.   And I needed their company so very much.   We went out for dinner and then saw the play Funny Girl…it was a delicious dinner and a delightful play.   Thank you Pat and Joan…I don’t know what I would do without you.   And thank you Maggy for being at the other end of my email 4,000 miles away.  My hands have not been idle…still working on unfinished needlework projects.   And I did join the Homewood Embroiderer’s Guild this month.   The group is lovely and inspiring.

I’ll post some new photos soon.     Thanks for stopping in for a visit.

For now….amities, Averyclaire