What a Surprise!!

I am SO thrilled… just look at the lovely gifts I received in the mail from Anne at Feather Stitching all the way from AUSTRALIA!   She sent me the nicest card with such a pretty water lily on the cover with a beautiful and thoughtful note inside.    

Last January I admired a needlework she had done with special trim around it. I had never seen any such pretty trim like it. I asked her about it and here she has sent me some similar trims. In this first photo the color doesn’t show up quite so well, but in the second photo you can see the pretty colors. She also made me a scissors fob which I absolutely adore. I really love ALL the fobs she creates. Each one is prettier than the next. She also included some exquisite hand-dyed floss and ribbon. The blended colors of the floss and ribbons are breathtaking! I was overwhelmed and touched to receive such a lovely gift for no reason at all from someone I do not even know.  Thank you so much Anne!   This blogging world has brought me many new friends, even though we have never met.   I will never cease to be amazed by this.

Can’t you just see these lovely pastel trims around a pretty little “Spring” stitching. I will have to search for just the right pattern to go with my trims!  Usually it is just the other way around!

I might add that Anne has a special site called RAK … Random Acts of Kindness. I am not a member yet and am not quite sure how it works … but Anne’s gift is a lovely random act of kindess to me.  So please stop by and check it out.  

Have a simply stitching Spring day…..Amities, Averyclaire


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  1. colour du jour
    Mar 24, 2010 @ 22:47:57

    very lovely indeed! is the lacey trim handmade? So glad you are the recipient of this kindness. How is your week going, and at work?


    • averyclaire
      Mar 25, 2010 @ 06:28:55

      Dear Peggy….No the trim is not handmade, but it is different from anything I have seen here.   One cuts some of the little loops to make it like flowers and it is adorable around a small ornanment or such small sewing item.   I was so happy and surprised to receive such a nice gift.   I plan to join her Random Act of Kindness Registry….I think it is a lovely idea.

      Yesterday was my last day for training the new young man who took my place.   He is only 23 years old and a whiz on the computer.   He will make a wonderful mission office director and be good at fund raising I think.  

      So next week I am back to the Tuesday and Thursday work week that I did for such a long time.   I worked full-time until my oldest grandson was born 12 years ago.   Then I retired from my full-time job to take care of the baby so my daughter could work.   She needed the money and job more than I did back then.  One of my old jobs called me back to work.   I returned to this previous job (the job I am in now) only on a part-time basis because I was babysitting 42 hours per week.   I managed to fit in about 10-15 hours per week part-time in the office and it grew from that into full-time for the last couple of years.   It wasn’t the full-time that killed me…but being director of the mission office.   It was writing newsletters every month…doing fund raising things…receiving daily gifts and writing thank you letters, writing grants, etc.  When they asked me to work in this office there was NO financial accountability and I created one from scratch over the past two years for millions of dollars.   It was a nightmare.   All this and doing my regular (two day per week) work on top of everything else.   Far too much responsibility.   I did not want it.   Maybe twenty years ago I would have….not now in my life.

      I am 61 years old and love to RV in the national and state parks with DH.   Especially in light of the health issues this past year….I needed to step down.   There is a new “Provincial” (like the CEO of a company) in June.    If he wants a full-time person….well I will resign….but for now I am two days per week again.

      I LOVE the sewing you are doing.   Have NEVER seen anything like the circular piece you had in your last photos.   It is amazing….but I can see the end result in my mind (since I was a garment sewer for a long time).   It will be delightful.   Hope I WIN.

      Yesterday I was reading on the internet a news clip about the happiest states to live in the US.   I thought of you when your state was high on the list.   SMILE.

      When I have a cup of tea today and do a bit of day dreaming at the office in between my work….I will be smiling….thinking of you.

      Amities, Averyclaire (Karen)


  2. Siobhan
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 08:10:31

    Wow, what a lovely package full of goodies! I’m glad–you deserve it. 🙂


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