Sophia’s Sampler

It’s been a busy couple of weeks….but in the evenings I managed to get this sampler completed. It’s called Sophia’s Sampler by Cedar Hill.   (I had to have it because my granddaughter’s name is Sophia.)    I chose 32 ct. Lamb’s Wool Linen and modified the sampler by leaving out a design area I did not want in order to make it a perfect square.    I love the colors of the flowers at the top.

Now I am sewing daily on an art quilt.   It’s taking ALL of my free time.      I would love to tell you that it will be finished by my next post, but I doubt it!!!     Tomorrow we are going to celebrate Father’s Day here.    Both of our father’s have long since passed, but I have a son and son-in-law nearby who are fathers….as well as my DH… I will do the cooking and celebrate with all of them.