While I have been sewing since I was a little girl making clothing for my dolls, I only began to quilt about seven years ago. I love hand quilting, but have only a couple of small pieces. The first one was a wall hanging which was my very first quilt. This one still hangs in my guest room.

The second piece is a white one that was hand quilted with metallic purple and green variegated thread. I must have been crazy.

My favorite quilt however is one I made from flannel pieces. This one was displayed at an art gallery in a nearby town for some time and it won first place in the textile show. It’s not an art piece, just a traditional pattern, but it is special to me nevertheless. My award for this show was to have a professional photo of my quilt put into their 2008 art gallery calendar. I laughingly tell everyone…I was “Miss March.”
And last but least, after my reflection yesterday, I thought I would show the quilted wall hanging I made for my very special daughter who loves sunflowers. She is a bright spot in my life as most daughters are. While I love my two sons dearly, there is always something beyond words at having a daughter. Oh I couldn’t say that always, but I can today. She is a delight.