Work in Progress

We like to get away to the woods and nature whenever we can.   We both grew up in the city/suburbs and really appreciate the smell of the forest in the morning.  Here is a photo of our home away from home.   We don’t go too far with fuel prices high, but when we go now we go for a week or so and stay put.  I always bring my sewing machine along and some kind of handwork, as well as a good book.   That way, just in case of rain, I can always be occupied with something worthwhile.   During one RV outing it rained nearly every day.  We did a lot of walking and hiking with umbrellas.  But that week I put together the body of what will be a tablecoth.  It will have a wide border with appliqued flowers on all sides.   I did the top,  but not the applique.  I actually LOVE to applique, but after the week away, I put the top into a box and there it sat for a long time.   It is one of the projects I hope to finish this winter.   Just another UFO on the shelf for now.  I imagine that all of you needleart people out there have a few UFOs among you, no matter what is your desired medium.