I Was Tagged

Paddy’s Daughter tagged me over a week ago and I am now just getting around to answering it. I am to tell everyone 7 unusual things about myself that most people don’t know. Well…this is really hard. My life is like an open book. Even thinking about it for a week and a half doesn’t help! But here goes anyway

1) When I was younger…my dream was to be a research biologist.

2) I love turtles…they are the voice of God.

3) I am four of five and a Star Trek fan.

4) I am terrified of spiders…any kind…they make my heart jump right out of my chest!

5) I am a weather watcher. Love it.

6) Most women like to shop…I don’t.

7) There is nothing I love more than total silence. It fills my soul.

This was very hard for me…so I am not going to tag anyone else. I did this just for you Sue. Hope you have learned a little bit about me.

Just for fun here is # 8 about me. My niece, Lesly, just a few hours ago gave birth to a beautiful little boy, Ryan Patrick…8 lbs. 8 oz….22 inches long. He has a lot of hair. It is her first baby and we are thrilled…but even better yet….today is my 60th birthday!!! So I will never forget little Ryan’s birthday.

My children gave me a big party yesterday to celebrate. It was such fun. Besides the brithday party, my daughter decided to turn it into a lovely wine tasting party. Great wine! Another day with lots of family and friends to make life wonderful.