Busy Weekend

It was a bit busy this weekend, but fun. Friday my husband and I attended a beautiful wedding of the daughter of a long time friend. It’s so nice to be together with good friends. And what a special occasion to share with one another. I recall the weddings of my three like yesterday. Here’s a little collage of the day. I feel like I renew my own vows every time I attend someone’s wedding. How romantic! I have been married for 41 years now. And I think we’ll make it for at least another 20.

Also this weekend was our quilting Holiday Boutique. It is similar to a craft fair, but everything is set up like you were in a large department store…without any vendors. Everything is marked and counted before and after the sale. As I mentioned, part of the proceeds support our quilting group…but more than anything else, it is an all day affair where we get to know one another better, have a good time, laugh and share a bit of ourselves. Everyone who attends says its the best sale of its kind anywhere.






And this lovely lady was made by a dear friend of mine who does absolutely exquisite work. She is a talented artist in all sorts of mediums. Her latest project will be a crazy quilt and I can’t wait to see it.


Gold Card Award


I received a Gold Card BFFF Award this past week.   Thank you Anne.  However, I find it difficult give others the task of passing along these things, so I have deceided to step outside of the rules.  My gift to others will be to ask each person who reads my blog to click the sites on my favorites list and enjoy them as much as I do. These are just a tiny smigden of the wonderful things out there.  The blogging world is so big.  I love being an armchair traveler.  There is something out there for everyone.  Not just needlework or quilting…there is drop dead gorgeous photography on my list.  So please visit the sites I have linked and enjoy yourself.  Should you find one you really like and find some inspiration…please leave comments.  We all love comments on our work.  If any of you would like to claim the Gold Card Award for yourself…please do so.  Just copy the card from my site and find the rules on Anne’s site.  You all deserve it.   Thank you again, Anne, for the honour.