What a day!

Ollie Friday evening I said yes to babysitting two of my grandchildren and the dog. It’s always a delight and an adventure. They were playing out in the yard when I arrived, as they have a big wooden fort built at the back of the acre property. When I didn’t see them anymore, I went out back to be sure they were safe. I found them all playing in the forest behind the property…building a fort of big fallen branches, etc…..every little boys’ dream. However, it had rained for two weeks straight here. My grandson, his friends, and the DOG were covered with MUD!!! Of course, I was wearing a “white” sweatshirt and a “white” jacket. I brought them all up to the house and my grandson said, don’t worry Nana, I know how to clean “Ollie” (the dog). We got the hose out and Noah proceeded to hose down the dog and ME as well….while I wiped all the MUD from Ollie’s paws and underside. By the time we were finished, I was splattered with MUD and my trousers, socks and shoes were soaked clear through!   Oh I should have had my camera!!  Ah, the price of saying yes to babysitting!

framing On another note…this weekend I did make excellent progress toward cleaning up my art room and finishing up some mending projects that were waiting for me. I also cut my very first photo mat, and, with my DH’s help, he taught me to cut some wooden framing pieces. I stained the pieces and it all awaits assembly.

new mat My French sampler will soon look beautiful! So all in all, it was a great weekend! Amities, Averyclaire