At the Feet of Angels

The garden is so lovely at this time of year. I am throughly enjoying a stroll around the garden each morning and evening taking photos as I go. Here are some to share.

Purple ajuga, yellow sedum, and Caramel Heuchera at the feet of my angel
Purple Ajuga

I have a Red Trillium. I planted it LONG ago and thought it was lost. Did you know that when you plant a trillium it takes three or four years to grow? In order for them to spread, ants and mice must take the seeds from the Trillium to their nests and “replant” the seeds. Then in three or four more years you will get more. I haven’t seen any mice lately, but I am praying for ants. SMILETrillium Red Trillium

More later…I am off to work now. Amities, Averyclaire